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"... literally 6 days after fixing it one of my most recent videos was picked up and featured by a big time blogger in her weekly newsletter. I saw my views increase by about 5x the amount that I normally receive and that was only in the first week. The best part for me was that I actually came up in search and my channel looked top notch so she felt confident sharing it."

–Jenny Melrose, Influencer Entrepreneurs Podcast

If you're like most bloggers creating videos, you're probably spending hours on them but not seeing any results from it.

Does this sound familiar?

👉 YouTube feels like a weird planet and you just don't speak the language
👉 You heard that YouTube is powerful, but you're not sure how to make it all work
👉 You're doing all the "right" things but your channel is embarrassingly small
👉 You want to get started, but you just don't have time to do everything...

You're Not Wrong.

YouTube does feel like a different planet compared to blogs, Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook. 
But you are right about something: YouTube's search and recommendation engine is extremely powerful, and this "weird planet" holds the key to a whole new world of opportunity for bloggers. 

That's why I created the Video Pursuit Society. 

Since opening the doors in November, 2018, I've helped bloggers in all kinds of niches gain clarity and get traction on their audience growth on YouTube, leading to more profitability for their blogs and businesses. 


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"Before working with Meredith, I was feeling alone in my journey and overwhelmed with all of the voices out there saying so many different things. The tech has been a major hurdle, plus having the confidence to try. Since joining Video Pursuit, I certainly feel better knowing I have a community of others to bounce ideas off of. I am sure a lot of factors play into overall success, but I am glad to be able to get updated information and help from Meredith and the Video Pursuit program!"

–Rachel Ballard, Feast and Farm


What is the Video Pursuit Society?

Video Pursuit Society is a private, virtual community of content creators with the shared goal of increasing growth and profitability in their businesses.

Through bite-sized action challenges and ongoing support in the private community, society members follow the Video Pursuit Success Map to determine their next right steps and take action toward their growth and profitability goals.

✅ Learn everything you need to know to start creating videos that your ideal audience will find, watch, and want to subscribe for more.

✅ Become the HERO and sought-after influencer in your niche.

✅ Plug the world's second largest search engine directly into your revenue streams.

“Before working with Meredith, I was recovering from burnout, and not sure what to do about my YouTube channel. I felt like I was floundering, and I knew I wanted to make videos again but didn’t know how to deal with the content I already had. Now, my YouTube channel is shaping up as I replace bad titles, descriptions, and keywords, and adding End Screens. I learned a lot from the YouTube Triggers course and using the CAKE method! I am really looking forward to jumping in again and I have a clear sense of direction.”

– Karen Brockney




Video Pursuit Success Map

This Success Map is designed to guide you through the process in a way that makes it easy to implement! After all, you will not achieve growth or profitability without taking action.




Growth & Profitability Challenges

As content creators, we need ACTION, not more content! Through monthly challenges and weekly prompts, you will take inspired action toward growth & profitability.




Learn from Industry Experts

Learn techniques from the best during our live guest expert trainings. Members have access to all past training lessons!


“Before working with Meredith, I was struggling with setting up my channel correctly, getting views and attracting new subscribers. Since joining Video Pursuit, I changed the way I should go about my strategy and it’s helped me get my channel set up correctly. Now, I am feeling much more confident and I’m getting about 10 new subscribers per week!”

Michelle James



$297 VALUE

Discover how to trigger the YouTube algorithm and grow your audience every time you publish a video.

YouTube Triggers is included free with Annual Membership to the Video Pursuit Society!

Course Outline


Module 1

This is the plan of action... the how & why the Search & Rescue Strategy works for any niche and any content creator, no matter where you’re at (newbie or "oldie"!)

Module 2

Creating videos is a creative process, and it’s important to consider the pros and cons of each type and format of YouTube video so that you don’t over complicate the creative process.

Module 3

The C.A.K.E. system is my quick, easy hack for instantly “scoring” your video topic ideas to see if it’s truly a viable video topic. This is a fun lesson!


Module 4

By the end of this lesson, you’ll have a bank of 100 (yes!) viable video topic ideas for creating your Search & Rescue Strategy.


Module 5

By the end of the series plan lesson you’ll be so pumped and ready to create your Search & Rescue Series that you’ll want to skip lesson 6, but you WON’T because...

Module 6

Lesson 6 is where you learn how to tap into YouTube's recommendation engine by scripting your videos effectively and nailing your watchtime! 


Module 7

The optimization lesson teaches you exactly what to do before you actually hit publish. This is the important SEO lesson!


Module 8

In lesson 8, you’ll see how looking at your YouTube analytics helps determine what your next videos should be for maximum channel growth.



$597 VALUE

Work directly with Meredith to Look Legit and Get Found on YouTube through this 30 day program.

YouTube Jumpstart is the ideal starting off point for total beginners, and is included with annual subscription! It begins as soon as you join.

Jumpstart Program


You certainly don't need to become an SEO expert to benefit from YouTube, but you do need YouTube to know what your channel is about!

You'll walk away from this exercise looking legit on YouTube. There will be no question that you're an authority and influencer in your niche and hitting the subscribe button will be a no-brainer!

Start with a 1:1 Kickoff Call with Meredith to gain clarity and develop a growth and profitability strategy for your channel.

Join your fellow Jumpstarters for a group Q&A call for feedback on your branding, answers to your strategy questions, and support for moving forward!


Before working with Meredith, I didn’t know that my channel needed to be really niched down instead of a place to store all my videos from my blog and FB groups. I was just trying a bunch of stuff without a strategy! Video Pursuit has taught me that I need my YT channel to target a specific audience and use SEO. Now I’m getting views on my videos, I plan to monetize and be approved for YT ads, and I’m getting 15 subscribers a week!

–Adrienne, Crafty Little Gnome

Join The Video Pursuit Society now and start increasing your profitability today


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BONUS COURSE: YouTube Jumpstart – Look Legit and Get Found on YouTube in 30 Days ($597 value)

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Monthly 1:1 Call with Meredith

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Group Q&A Call Monthly

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New Growth & Profitability Challenge Each Month

Group Q&A Call Monthly

$39/monthly payment 


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Satisfaction Guarantee: If you are unsatisfied with the membership site content for any reason, we have a 14-day refund policy. You may receive a full refund on any plan if you contact the support team ([email protected]) within 14 days of your enrollment. All access will be revoked once your refund is issued.


"Before working with Meredith, I didn’t have a clear focus, and I didn’t really have a YouTube strategy... Video Pursuit has given me a lot of clarity on how to choose a topic and grow my channel. It’s also helped me see that it’s worth it to grow my channel as a blogger, plus I like the accountability of the group."

–Alexia, The Liberated Mommy

"Meredith took a look at one of my videos and saw right away the reason I wasn't getting any views.  She told me what to change in my title and tags... I went from a handful of views to over 5,000 on just one video!"

–Jennifer, Home In The Finger Lakes


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