About Meredith Marsh

YouTube is like that shopping cart with one wonky wheel that you just can't seem to get πŸ‘ in πŸ‘ lineπŸ‘ with the others. 

Am I Right? I mean... all other social media platforms pair so nicely with a blog post:

  • Instagram is visual (with a side of Stories)
  • Pinterest drives traffic
  • Twitter is a short description and a link
  • and Facebook is–well... Facebook is Facebook πŸ€ͺ

But YouTube? That's a whole other medium! 

Learning how to use YouTube alongside your blog is like learning a new language – and that's where I come in...

I am Meredith Marsh, the creator of the Video Pursuit Podcast and Membership Program and my passion is helping bloggers (like you and me) get serious about using YouTube (the right way) to reach a wider audience so that you can impact more people and make more money in your blogging business.

When I started my blog, VidProMom, in 2015, I set out to be a blogger, not a YouTuber.

I just wanted to use YouTube to host my tutorials so I could embed them into my blog posts. 

But holy smokes... viewers started asking questions in the comments (which led to more video ideas), my subscriber count started to climb, and I had attracted an engaged community who kept coming back each week for a new video.

My first year as a blogger and YouTube creator, I went from "I don't know how YouTube works" to having 2,000 subscribers and being asked to join the GoPro's influencer family. 😲

What exactly led to that kind of growth as a total newbie? Consistency, Keyword Research, SEO, and being genuinely helpful for my ideal audience.

It wasn't easy at first... I'm not a natural "on camera" personality, I had a full-time job at the time, plus a family and a life, but I made space for my "side hustle" because I was committed to seeing it through.

Yes, YouTube feels like its own planet πŸ‘½ where you don't speak the language.

But the good news is, video content is always the language of "know-like-trust," community, and an engaging audience that keeps coming back for more. 

Sound like your jam? 

Whenever you're ready, here are three ways I can help you...

1. Grab a free copy of The Fast Way to 1K YouTube Subscribers Workbook so that you can align your video topic ideas with YouTube's search & recommendation engine.

–– Grab it here: http://fastwayto1k.com/

2. Join my free Facebook group, Video for Bloggers & Content Creators where you can connect with fellow digital creators on a path to expand their reach and earn more money through video content. 

–– Request to join here: vidpromom.com/FB-group 

3. Get yourself on the waitlist for Video Pursuit Society, my online program that guides you through attract your ideal audience to establish yourself as an influencer in your niche with YouTube. 

–– Get on the waitlist: https://www.meredithmarsh.co/vps


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