Discover how to earn $1k/month with YouTube

Join this on-demand workshop and discover how to earn $1k/month with your YouTube channel so you can grow your profitable online business... even if you're just getting started or doing it part-time.

Ready to earn money by showing up as yourself and sharing what you love?


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Waiting until you have 1000 subscribers to monetize your YouTube channel is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make as a new content creator.

Who really wants to put time and energy into creating content for months (or years) and have nothing to show for it?  🤔

If you're a content creator on YouTube, you already know that growing your audience is the key to growing your income online.

Unfortunately, most new YouTube creators make the costly mistake of starting a channel and creating videos FIRST...

then waiting until they have a certain number of subscribers or a certain number of videos to start figuring out how to make money...

or worse, waiting until YouTube says it's ok to monetize!


But if you don't have multiple streams of revenue set up as you grow your audience, you'll end up like most side-business content creators:

 spending  months  or  years  creating  content  that  never  earns  you  a  single  penny. 

Just think about it...

Do you know of ANY successful businesses that DIDN'T have a plan to earn revenue from the beginning?

Meredith Marsh

Is this magic or is this a real business model?

Seriously... when I first started my YouTube channel, I thought it seemed "too good to be true" to have fun creating videos AND I'd *magically* get paid real money.

I was working full time while making YouTube videos–I didn't have time for client work or making physical products–but I wanted freedom from my full-time job.

So when I implemented passive income streams that coordinated perfectly with my niche and my video topics, I realized I was SO WRONG about passive income!

By setting up multiple streams of (passive) revenue, as my audience on YouTube grew, my income grew as well.

This was a breakthrough moment for me: It's not magic, it's a real business model.

So who the heck am I?

I am the founder of the Video Pursuit Society and a content creator myself–and believe it or not–I'm a total introvert with over 6 million views on YouTube!

I am passionate about helping side hustle content creators start and grow their online business with YouTube and blogging, even if they have a full-time job or busy family... because that's exactly what I have done.

If there's one thing I know for sure as a content creator myself, it's that as your audience grows, your income flows...

but only if you have multiple streams of revenue set up from the beginning.

That's why I'm hosting a brand new workshop on How to earn 1k a month from your YouTube channel even if you're just getting started or doing it part-time so that you see real money in your bank account as a direct result of doing what you love and sharing it with the world.

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I N T R O D U C I N G ...


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Earn 1k with YouTube

so you can earn money growing a business of your own... even if you're just getting started or doing it part-time.

hosted by Meredith Marsh 

 During this workshop, you'll discover: 

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The 5 easiest YouTube revenue strategies that work together, so you can mix, match, and maximize your profit

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How earning $1,000 per month with your YouTube channel from the beginning is possible (no more waiting on YouTube's approval!)

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Which revenue streams are the most lucrative for your niche so you don't have to cross your fingers and hope you make money

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Plus you'll get a printable workbook, templates, shortcuts, and workshop recording!

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14 Day Money Back Guarantee

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